Elsewhere Fragrances
Elsewhere Fragrances
Everywhere but here.
Everywhere but here.


The direction applied for the launch of Elsewhere Fragrances centered around the visualization of dreams and longing, with each fragrance encompassing not only a feeling to remember but a destination to escape to.

As Creative / Art Director for the project, I began by crafting a world the brand could live in and expanded with select props and curated visuals to support each scent, allowing room for additional products and "escapes" to be added as the brand expands. Assets were used as launch visuals across social, email, and web.


Creative / Art Direction




Creative / Art Director
Keaton Webb

Photographers (Lifestyle)
Keaton Webb & Jared Powell

Photographer / Stylist (Product)
Jumelles Studio

Aleyna Costello & Scot Wade Cain